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Gloria's Supporters
This is a list of the people that help make Gloria's what it is today.
Special Thanks to:
  • Dave R. for his donation of our bar
  • David C. for helping us out with the production of our original Gloria's After Dark T-Shirts
  • Evelyn for bartending for us
Gloria's After Dark patrons
  • John Eggart
  • John Morin
  • Paris
  • Daniel Kramer and the team at
  • Morrie Lew
  • Scott "UC" Davis aka "Gun Show"
  • D.K.I.V.
  • Dan "Ssssssolid" Goldstone
  • Sture D. aka "Stumash" that's pretty sturdy
  • Amy
  • Joel
  • Kenny
  • Alex
  • Bobby "whispers"
  • Miko
  • Kyle "Broflovski"
  • Aaron P. Dorfman aka. "dorf", "A.P. Diddy", "dorf manglio ordonez"
Be a part of Gloria's. Email us at to find out how you too can help out.