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Current Residents
Jon E.D.
  • Trying to make it happen.
Colin "the lip" Lipper aka LI
  • Staff
  • p/t bartender
  • supplies specialist
Adam "Yadeevouneh"
  • Staff
  • p/t photographer
Oh hey! "JEROME" aka "towelie"
  • Staff
  • p/t bartender
Ramesh, the "Sen Master"
  • Staff
  • p/t bartender
  • Web Site Consultant
  • Staff
Picture Not Available Al
  • Staff
Outside Contributors & Past Residents
Brian S.
  • Party Photographer
  • Graphics, Web Page, Flyers
"Mike G":
  • Returned from a successful trip to Costa Rica! Did you get the stuff man?
  • Still in Goleta, NOT IV! Makes the occasional visit to Gloria's
  • graduated, back to his roots in L.A.
Shaughn "Henessey" Ryan aka "Hendo"
  • graduated and making his tour up in SLO (san luis obispo)
"Denisio" Del Toro
  • Up at USF!

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