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Official Gloria's After Dark shirts for SALE!!! Make sure to ask for one at any of our parties .... hurry while supplies LAST!!


Gloria's After Dark is in the heart of Isla Vista, California. Conveniently located 3 blocks from the University of Calfornia at Santa Barbara campus. Gloria's is located at 6650 Sabado Tarde or 6649 Trigo depending on your choice of entrance. Gloria's overlooks Sabado Tarde, just a block away from Del Playa! We are an "after hours" spot, starting at midnight every other friday. So if you are in town, and D.P. is shut down, come by, have a drink and say, Yah Hi!

Gloria's After Dark is named after the owner of the house, Gloria. This property was passed down to Gloria by her Great Grandpa Ludwig Van Rodvold. She inherited this house in the 1960's and after the riots maintained great relationships with her tenants.

Original Gloria's After Dark tee shirts are available in all sizes for the low introductory price of $10. Tank tops for the girls and crew cut tees for the guys. See the Merchandise page for details.

"Gloria's after dark has such a chill atmosphere, the ambiance is so laid back. After midnight, the girls seem to just flock to this spot. Thank you to the staff @ Gloria's for that wonderful free-flowing KEGERATOR!" - Jon Eggart, local Yellow Card promoter and Cold Stone Creamery 2003 ice cream guzzler champion.
Special thanks to all the staff @ Gloria's!!!

Because we here at Gloria's are committed to bringing you the best that Isla Vista has to offer, we are constantly working to improve Gloria's After Dark. So check out our recent additions!

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